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Whether you are an intermediate or long term trader, the Right Time Study can generate accurate buy/sell signals and improve your trading profits. The Right Time Study, developed by I.N. Botnick in 1980, is the only trading system ever developed to generate timely buy/sell signals based on a simultaneous analysis of volume/price and supply/demand. The Right Time Study is built into Trader’s Access and can be accessed by performing a scan of your symbols or applying the study to a symbol on a chart. The system is being used by institutions, brokers, experienced, and novice traders throughout the world.

Data, We’ve Got Data

You can download daily and historical data from with in our software or via our web or ftp sites.  We have every US/Canadian stock that currently trades.  Every Futures contract traded since 1990. Every current US Mutual Fund back to 1990 and stock/index/futures options back to July 1, 1997.
Trades do not include commissions.
% Chance of a successfull Call/Buy trade
% Chance of a successfull Put/Short trade
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